Sra. Berardi - Proyecto de Latinos Famosos


 Marquez   Reviera  Model 

You will research two famous Spanish speakers from the list below. There are two written parts to this assignment - a written biographical report (en Inglés) of one of your famous people and two fact sheets (en español) which will include one for your second choice, also.


Pablo Neruda - poet    Narciso Rodriguez - fashion designer
Eva Perón (Evita) - political leader  Gabriel Garcia Márquez - author 
Fidel Castro - revolutionary & political leader   Federico García Lorca - writer, director, artist  
Pablo Picasso - artist    Pedro Almodóvar - director, actor, singer, writer  
Frida Kahlo - artist    Diego Rivera - artist  


Your written report should contain information from at least 7 of the 8 guidelines listed below. Please type (double-space) or hand-write it skipping every other line. Your report should contain an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Cite your sources at the end of the project in a bibliography. No plagiarism!

Guidelines/Questions to answer


1.    Who is the person and why are they famous? What have they achieved? What special recognition or awards have they received?

2.    When and where were they born? When did they die or are they alive? Include important family information from their childhood if relevant. Did they marry? Who? Did they have any children? How many? Are the children famous?

3.    How were they educated? Where and when did they go to school? Include information regarding any special talents they had. Give a detailed description.

4.    Where is this person from originally? Where were their parents from (what nationality were they)? Trace the places where this person lived. Did they ever live in another country? Did they impact other countries or cultures?

5.    What has this person contributed to the world? How did they make a difference in the world? What significance does this have for you? (Hint: This is one of the most important paragraphs in the paper).

6.    Recount any obstacles and/or problems they encountered and had to overcome. How did this affect them as a person?

7.    What kind of person were they? What did they like to do? Describe their personality and cite specific examples, if possible.

8.    With what major historical event or style of art, literature, music, etc., were they most closely involved (e.g., Civil Rights Movement, cubism, mysticism, 60's rock music)? Make a connection with what was/is going on in the world while they were/~e living.


DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRANSLATE YOUR REPORT FROM ENGLISH TO SPANISH! This will only frustrate you. Just write about what you know about the person and want to share with us! OBVIOUSLY, if the person is still living you'll use more of the PRESENT tense in your paper. CREATIVITY IS A BIG PLUS! Go the extra mile to make your project GREAT!




Name of Database  What is it good for?
Student Resource Center, Jr.    Biographies - some in depth  
Encyclopaedia Britannica    Remember there are 3 different levels.