Sra. Berardi - Una Comparación Entre los Famosos


Español 2A

You are an up-and-coming writer for PEOPLE magazine with an avid interest in Spanish-speaking personalities. You will compare two famous people, one from the United States and one from a Spanish speaking country. In your article, you will highlight similarities and differences in personality, physical description, and activities. Your paragraph(s) must include:

  • Introductory sentence with background information (where they are from, where they live, age, family, etc.)
  • Ser and tener
  • At least 6 adjectives describing physical and personality traits
  • At least 6 conjugated verbs (-ar, -er, and -ir)
  • A variety of level 2 vocabulary
  • A conclusion.


You may choose from the following professions:

 chef  fashion designer  architect
 athlete  musician  filmmaker
 actor  writer  artist

Be prepared to answer questions from fellow students.  


Name of Database   What is it good for?  

 Student Resource Center, Jr.   

 Encyclopaedia Britannica    


Pick a country. On right side click on famous people.