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Vamos a España! This summer you will traveling to Spain with your family. Since you have studied the travel unit, your parents have asked you to plan a 3-day trip to two of the Spanish cities on your itinerary. You must fill three days full of activities, sightseeing, traveling, eating, shopping, and more. You will include in each day: three meals, a shopping excursion, and a museum/sightseeing excursion. You will also need to describe the accommodations in the hotel at which your family is staying. Also, say how you will be getting from place to place (a pie, a caballo, en coche, en barco, etc.). Gain information on your topic by researching at: 

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Restaurants? Try -

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For PICTURES use Image Quest 



  • Madrid - Bilbao
  • Valencia - Sevilla
  • Córdoba - Barcelona
  • Toledo - Santander


  • Málaga - Salamanca
  • Zaragosa - Pamplona
  • Granada - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Girona - Santiago de Compostela
  • San Sebastián - Alicante




Now to Get the Project Started: 

  1. Pick two cities in Spain from the list.
  2. Find your roundtrip flights from the United States to Spain and return.
  3. Choose your hotels for your family in each city.
  4. Look for information regarding tourist attractions like monuments, museums, and cathedrals. Remember to include the entrance fee for each attraction. 
  5. Select restaurants, include 3 meals for each day and the cost of the meal in Euros.
  6. Find ways for transportation. You can make these up as well, but be sure to provide the cost for each taxi ride, etc. 
  7. In addition, find areas for shopping, picture taking, and entertainment like markets, bullfighting or horseshows.

YOUR PRESENTATION MUST INCLUDE at least three sentences for each of the bulleted items: 

  • Enough information to plan 3 entire days, (yo llego a las 18 horas). Be sure to use the 24-hour clock for departure from hotel and arrival back at the hotel. ¿A que hora? /8
  • Describe the hotel at which you and your family is staying. What are the accommodations like? (luxurious, with a swimming pool, a TV in the room, a great view of the city, near the beach) ¿Dónde te quedas? /8
  • You need to find places to eat 3 meals each day. ¿Que comes? /8
  • You need 3 sightseeing attractions daily (churches, monuments, etc.). ¿Que haces? /8
  • Then, you need one shopping experience and one entertainment experience (theater, concert, etc.). ¿Adónde vas? /8
  • How much do tickets cost? Cuanto cuestan? /8 What things do you need to bring on the excursion (money, documents, clothing, tickets, etc)? ¿Que necesitas? ¿Que vas a traer?  Be sure to use the NEAR FUTURE tense at least 4 times in this paragraph. /8
  • Which modes of transportation will you be using? ¿Como vas?  (International Travel: You will provide this informaion with the things that you need to bring in your suitcase, in the paragraph on the back panel of your travel brochure.) /8
  • Create your itinerary on a brochure and be sure to label the times for each activity. /10
  • Don't forget to be creative, and include pictures.

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