Gifted and Talented Program


Accelerated and Enriched Instruction (AEI)

The vision of AEI is that all schools will provide dynamic learning environments which challenge students to develop their intellectual power, creativity, and sense of self. All teachers will be knowledgeable about how able students learn effectively and will draw on a rich repertoire of innovative instructional strategies to support their students' achievements. There will be a climate of mutual caring and respect among stakeholders: teachers, parents, students, administrators, and community.

High School Magnet Programs

The application materials for the high school magnet programs will be available in mid-October on the MCPS Web site at:  

These are exciting opportunities for interesting and challenging experiences in high school.  The program at Richard Montgomery High School is an International Baccalaureate Diploma program.  Poolesville High School offers 3 programs:  A Science, Mathematics, Computer Science program, a humanities program, and a Global Ecology program. 

To be eligible for the Poolesville programs, you must be in Algebra I or higher.  To be eligible for the Richard Montgomery program, you must be in Algebra I or higher AND have 2 years of a foreign language (if you are a native speaker of Spanish, French, or Chinese, you may also be eligible).

Some important dates to remember:


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