hornMLK MS Grade 8 Algebra Prep - Thanksgiving Project

Mastery Objective: Students will be able to apply discounts and sales tax to items at the grocery store in order to plan a Thanksgiving dinner for ten people based on a given budget of $ 150. 


Directions:  Students will use grocery store websites to plan a thanksgiving meal for their family. Students need to choose the grocery store where they want to purchase their food and list the items on the template provided. 

Students must select at least 6 items but may have up to 12 . Students must stay under budget. 


All canned goods will be 15% off 

Turkey will be 50% off 

Fresh Vegetables/Fruit (produce) will be 25% off 

Frozen Food will be 30% off 

Bakery items (bread and desserts) will be 10% off 


Students will work in groups of 3. One student will be the leader/researcher on the internet.  

The second student will do the calculations  with a calculator.  

The third student will be the recorder on the capture sheet (either type or write).  


Planning a Thanksgiving Meal capture sheet  

[Click 'Enable Editing' after the capture sheet opens.]

 Grocery Store links 




Extension Activity: 

Create a menu for the guests. Make it colorful and neat.  

One option:Open Publisher 2010 on the Applications Menu. Choose from the Menus templates. Use pictures from ImageQuest if you'd like.