Spanish Biography Project - One Page 

 Mastery Objective:    

The student will read a short biography of a famous Spanish writer or artist and create a one-page summary of his/her life to present to the class, highlighting important facts about that figure. 


 Each student will use an online resource, a print biography or both and use the template provided to create a one-page information sheet. 

 The information sheet must include: 

  •  The person’s name 
  •  A picture of the person or an event central to the person’s life 
  •  A list of 5 words from the biography that describe who the person was, what he/she did, events in which he/she was involved, etc. 
  • The three most important facts learned about the person. [These should be in complete sentences.] 


The completed project will be worth 40 points. 



Bibliography - List of Biographies in the MLK MS Library  

Biography Template  

Sample completed template 

 Encyclopedia Britannica School Edition  

 Encyclopedia Britannica Image Quest 

Britannica Enciclopedia Juvenil 


Commonly Used Spanish Accent Marks      
To get this

Hold down the 'Alt' key

and type this on the number pad

 and type

á 160          
é 130          
í 161          
ó 162          
ú 163          
ñ 164          
Ñ 165          
¿ 168          
¡ 173