/uploadedImages/schools/mlkms/departments/forlang/ftree.jpg  Voici Ma Famille! French 1 

Mastery Objective: 



1) You will turn in a family album with a picture and description of each person in your family (including yourself) on their own individual pages. You should have at least 5 pages.  Pets are ok, too! 


2) Each page must include the following, written in complete sentences: 

  •  Name: Ex. Il/elle s’appelle 
  •  Relationship to you: ex. c’est ma/mon… 
  •  Age (WRITE OUT YOUR NUMBERS): ex. Il/elle a 
  •  Physical description (2) *watch out for adjective agreement! 
  •  Personality description (2) *watch out for adjective agreement! 
  •  What he/she likes or likes to do:  
  •  Photos in color  


  •  Email pictures to yourself, save them on a flash drive or save them on your Google Drive PRIOR to working on your project. 


  •  Use Prezi, PowerPoint, Glogster, Google, Movie Maker,Discovery Streaming Board Builder, etc. 
  • Use Britannica ImageQuest for images without copyright restrictions.


 Grading Rubric 

Britannica ImageQuest 

Discovery Streaming 

Larousse English-French Dictionary