French-Speaking Country Project

Mastery Objective:

Directions: You will be doing a profile of a French-speaking country to be presented to the class.

This profile must include:

A. Name of the country (5 pts.)

B. Flag--hand drawn on computer paper (15 pts.)

C. Important facts about this country: (20 pts.)

1. capital

2. location

3. main crop

4. one famous dish

5. population

6. type of government

7. head of government

8. currency

9. tourist attractions

10. geographical features (lakes, rivers, mountains)

D. A 10-sentence essay (typed or VERY neatly handwritten) explaining why your country would be a favorite travel destination. Some topics you may want to discuss are: climate, places of cultural or historical interest, significant geographical features, economy and food. (20 pts.)

Grading Rubric:

Rough Draft Due__________________ 20

Name of Country 5

Flag 15

10 facts 20

Typed essay 20



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