Spanish 2B Biography

 Una biografía de una persona hispánica:  ¿Quién es?   

 Objectivo:  To increase your knowledge of famous Hispanics and improve your writing and speaking ability in Spanish. 

Trabajo de clase: 

#1:You will choose a biography from your local library or from the media center in school about a famous Hispanic person and have your Spanish teacher approve it.  Person can be a famous writer, bullfighter, singer, dancer, actor, explorer, political figure, sports person, etc.  You need to take good notes (in Spanish or English) about the life and accomplishments of the person.   

Trabajo de casa: 

#2:  Write a summary in Spanish of the Famous Hispanic you chose.    



  • Tell profession, birth place & date, physical and personality description (present and imperfect).  
  • Describe at least 6 major life events of the famous person you have chosen in complete sentences (probably preterit for most) 
  • Make sure to use the correct form of the past tense in your writing (preterit or imperfect) 


Bibliography - List of Biographies in the MLK MS Library  

Biography Template  

 Sample completed template 

 Encyclopedia Britannica School Edition  

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