globeFrench2B --  Allons-y! 

Mastery Objective: Investigate and present travel-related information on one non-European francophone culture.

Directions: You have been hired by a travel agency as their French expert to create a travel brochure one one of the non-European francophone countries. 


ƒ   Working either by yourself or in pairs, pick a francophone country that you would like to travel to. 

ƒ   Research your country in all the following areas: 

Location                                                         Currency 

Climate                                                           Modes of transportation 

Places of interest                                            Historical sites 

Leisure activities                                            Major cities 

Regional foods 


ƒ   Create a brochure to advertise your country. Make sure that your brochure is colorful and attractive, and that your French is correct! You will present your brochures to the class. 


MCPS Homework Resources  

Culturegrams - World Edition In-Depth reports covering over 200 countries

Encyclopedia Britannica - School Edition  

Britannica - World Data Analyst  

ImageQuest - Access more than two million rights-cleared images

Countries Where French is an Official Language 


Note taking template 

Save this sheet to your My Documents folder before you begin taking notes. Save often as you find new information.

Tourist Brochure Template