Mill Creek Towne's Health Room 

Our Health Room is staffed daily by a School Health Room Technician, in addition to a School Community Health Nurse, on a regular basis. We provide first aid during school on an as-needed basis, administer medications, and maintain health records, which include immunization records, physicals, and screenings for each student.

This year we are staffed by Sofia Duque, School Health Room Technician, and Ann Eversley, School Community Health Nurse. Contact us at 240-740-1814 or email Ann Eversley at


Medications in School

Medication forms are required for any medications to be given in school. IMPORTANT: These forms MUST be signed by both the parent, and the health care provider. All medications must be brought by an adult and in its original container with the completed form. This is for both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Medication forms are available from the Health Room or at the following link:


Additional Resources