Voicethread Final Exam Project

Physics A


 Avatar Privor 



  1. Newton's Laws (you will be assigned one question per law)
    1. book/table or car passenger
    2. wagon, quarterback, or dropped object
    3. rocket or balloon
  2. Kinetics (one assigned): runner, man/sled, car bumper/spring
  3. Football Injuries: head or knee
  4. Football Protection/Safety: protection, protect quarterback/helmet



  • You will typing the answers to your assigned questions
  • A minimum of 1 page to answer all four topics
  • Your paper will be used as your script for your VoiceThread and turned into Mr. Privor


  • Select on the VoiceThread below for your period
  • Sign-in using your student ID and "colonels" password
  • Navigate to the slide corresponding to your questions
  • Record or Type your answer
  • You will be responding to 6 of the slides (3 for Newton's Laws, 1 each for Kinematics, Injuries and Protection)

Due Date: Friday, January 11 (at the end of your class period)

Deadline: Monday, January 14 (will incur a 10% drop in grade)


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Period 8