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Of Mice and Men

Historical Connection to the Setting





Period 4        Period 5 






Choose a historical detail or allusion from a text and learn more about it, explaining how it enriches the meaning of a work.



Depending on the class, you will be researching one of the following topics:

  • Migrant farmers (1930s)
  • Herbert Hoover
  • Great Depression
  • Stock market crash of 1929
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • The New Deal
  • Historical treatment of those with disabilities
  • The Dust Bowl
  • Hobos during the Depression
  • Gangsters during the 20's/30's
  • John Steinbeck


  • Your group will be creating a Glog to present to the class
  • Your Glog should include images, a video, and information on:
    • explanation of your topic
    • relevant dates, people, events
    • historical significance
    • connection to the text
    • other
  • Your presentation should be at least 5 minutes
  • You will submit a Works Cited page with your research sources (including images and videos)
  • Three quiz questions related to your presentation
  • You will be graded on your behavior as a respectful audience member
  • You will be graded individually based on your contributions to the group effort.   
  • When researching at home using the MCPS Online Services, you will need to access usernames/passwords from your Edline account (in the Media Center folder).  MCPS Online Services are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Most of the articles from MCPS Online Services have MLA citations already created at the bottom of the webpage.  Feel free to copy/paste the citations into a text file (ex. Word) as you compile your bibliography.
  • Citation Format  and sample Google Image (user add bolded items):
    • Description. Digital image. Google Images. Website Name. Web. Date accessed.
    • Bruce Springsteen. Digital image. Google Images. LIFE. Web. 5 Mar 2013.
  • Citation Format and sample YouTube (user add bolded items):
    • Author/Poster's Name. "Title of Video." Online video clip.  YouTube. Date of posting. Web. Date accessed.
    • schwinnster. "Fun at the Schwinns." Online video clip. YouTube. 10 Jan 2010. Web. 5 Mar 2013.


Documents:    Project Instructions / Citation Template /Works Cited Sample 


Online Resources

OS GRVL   Gale Virtual Reference Library (ebooks) - This is part of the online services trial period. Click on the GVRL button (upper right), then select "access trial." Type your search terms in the box at the top.
 OS Brit Academic Ed   Britannica Online* - general reference with in-depth articles, images and graphics on a variety of subjects.general reference
 OS SIRS Decades   SIRS Decades* - US History by decade.  Features primary and secondary source articles that highlight key events, movements, people, and places in 20th-century America.
 OS SIRS Know Source   SIRS Knowledge Source* - Searches reference materials, magazines, newpapers and other resesarch materials.
 OS USH in Context   US History in Context* - A collection of primary and secondary resources to support the study of United States. Provides a complete overview of U.S. history covering the most-
studied events, issues and current information.
 OS WorldBook   WorldBook Online* - general reference with in-depth articles, images and graphics on a variety of subjects.
 OS Hist Ref Ctr   History Reference Center* - This database includes reference books and encyclopedias, historical documents, biographies, images and historical maps.
OS Hist Newspapers   Historical Newspapers* - Primary source historical newspapers from the New York Times from 1851 through 2005.
Infoplease   Infoplease - search through almanacs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and a variety of other resources.
 Pirate Monkey 

Miscellaneous Websites:


American Cultural History 





Print Resources

Word Document Growing Up in the 1930s 
REF 031 World Book Encyclopedia, Britannica
320s Civil and Political Rights
813 Of Mice and Men
973s Decades
REF 973s Decades

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