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Modern World History

Political Globalization







Each student /pair of students will create a fact sheet that details the evolution of their assigned nation from its conditions during the Cold War to the present day.  



    1. A brief narrative history of the country from 1945 to the present.  (3-5 paragraphs) 
    2. A physical map showing the geography of the country; if changes were made in the period under study (i.e. boundary changes, etc.) please provide maps for each change 
    3. A brief summary of the political systems under which the country was ruled during this period 
    4. A timeline of the major political events and rulers from 1945 to the present; this should be broken into 5 year increments (e.g. 1945----1950----1955…) 
    5. A list of the natural resources found within the country’s borders as well as a map that shows where these resources are found.  
    6. A brief summary of the religion(s) that influence/have influenced the country; if there is no formal religion, summarize the reasons why and what stood in its place. 
    7. A list of the  major industries of the nation as well as a list of its major exports and imports 
    8. A line or bar graph (see  for explanations if needed)that charts the country’s economic progress from 1945 through 2012; the measure you will use is the Gross Domestic Product per capita. All individuals/groups will also graph the GDP per capita for the United States 
      1. You must include a brief (1 paragraph) comparison of “your” country’s present-day data to that of same timeframe of the United States.  

 Every group/individual must use at least two books and four online sources for this project. Each group or individual must also submit a formal “Works Cited” page that properly identifies all resources used in this project; MLA formatting is required. 


You will have 4 class periods in the Media Center to work on this. In total, you have 14 days/2 weeks to complete the project.  


IMPORTANT!! Any incidents of plagiarism, small or large, will result in a zero for the project. As this is the 4th quarter of your junior year, no excuses will be accepted. If you have any questions as to whether your work does not comply with the standard definition of original work or if you need more assistance with understanding the specifications of plagiarism, please consult with me, Mrs. Schwinn (Media Specialist), or your English teacher. Remember that maps, data, etc., like any other information, must be credited to the originator.  


Due Date/Deadline  May 13, 2013; no late work will be accepted!! If you will not be in class on the 13th due to AP exams or other reasons, it is your responsibility to make sure the project is turned in by this date. Absence from class will not be considered a valid reason for not turning the project in by the 13th of May, 2013.  
  • When researching at home using the MCPS Online Services, you will need to access usernames/passwords from your Edline account (in the Media Center folder).  MCPS Online Services are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Most of the articles from MCPS Online Services have MLA citations already created at the bottom of the webpage.  Feel free to copy/paste the citations into a text file (ex. Word) as you compile your bibliography.


Documents:    Project Instructions / Citation Template / Works Cited Sample 


Online Resources

 OS Brit Academic Ed   Britannica Online* - general reference with in-depth articles, images and graphics on a variety of subjects.general reference
Britannica World Data Analyst   Britannica World Data Analyst* - Country comparisons (chronologically and between countries).
 OS SIRS Decades   SIRS Decades* - US History by decade.  Features primary and secondary source articles that highlight key events, movements, people, and places in 20th-century America.
 OS ABC-CLIO World History Modern Era   ABC-CLIO Modern World History* - Search by country or topic
 OS ABC-CLIO Religions   ABC-CLIO World Religions* - Search by country or topic.  Includes religion statistics.
 OS WorldBook   WorldBook Online* - general reference with in-depth articles, images and graphics on a variety of subjects.
 OS CultureGrams   CultureGrams* - Search by country.
OS Hist Newspapers   Historical Newspapers* - Primary source historical newspapers from the New York Times from 1851 through 2005.
 OS CIA World Factbook   CIA World Factbook - Comprehensive statistical data by country.

Gale Virtual Reference Library* - Search through our collection of ebooks.


OS NewsBank    


Print Resources

OS Destiny   Destiny - Select school.  Login using your MHS computer login.  Click on Catalog tab, Resource Lists, MWH Country Case Study.  Don't forget to grab the citation!
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