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Due Dates:   
  • March 6 - Topic (5 points)
  • March 12 - Preliminary Sourche List (8 required) with preliminary thesis statement (15 points)
  • March 14 - 15 e-note cards or sheets (15 points)
  • March 14 - detailed outline (15 points)
  • March 18 - structured draft and peer review (30 points)
  • March 20 - final research paper (60 points)

Keep in Mind:   

  • You must include a works cited page and parenthetical documentation within your paper. 
  • You need to cite a minimum of 5 sources! 
  • Your paper should be 3-4 pages (NOT including the works cited page) 
  • When researching at home using the MCPS Online Services, you will need to access usernames/passwords from your Edline account (in the Media Center folder).  MCPS Online Services are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Most of the articles from MCPS Online Services have MLA citations already created at the bottom of the webpage.  Feel free to copy/paste the citations into a text file (ex. Word) as you compile your bibliography.
  • This is part of the trial subscription offerings.  Refer to your handout for login information.  Trial subscriptions are marked with two asterisks (**).


Documents:    Speechwriting Tips / Speech Rubric / Plagiarism GuidelinesRubric / Peer Review Guidelines / Paper Organizer / Outline Planning Sheet / Thesis Writing Tips / Citation Template / Works Cited Sample /


Online Resources



Gale Virtual Reference Library (ebooks) - This is part of the online services trial period.  Click on the GVRL button (upper right), then select "access trial."  Type your search terms in the box at the top.

OS CQ Press 

CQ Researcher Plus Archive ** - expanded database of reports (back to 1923). Select Advanced Search, type in your search criteria and click on the pro/con box.


Points of View Reference Center ** - essays that present multiple sides of a current issue.  Use the search box to locate material on your subject.  Click on the "[Your Topic} Overview" link, Point and Counterpoint will be on the right.
 OS Iss Contro (FoF)   Issues and Controversies * - current issues we face today.  Use the search box to locate your topic.  Overview with Critics and Supporters opinions.


International Debate Education Association - lots of topics and great pro/con section.  Type in your topic in the orange "A" Search Databases search box.


JSTOR * - articles from over 600 scholarly journals.

 Google Scholar  

Google Scholar

 OWL Purdue  

OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University - Citation formats.  Remember to use MLA format.


Print Resources

REF 031 World Book Encyclopedia, Britannica
300s Issues
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