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You will be researching an area of astronomy - people, events or subjects.  After you have gathered the necessary information, you will be creating a glog (interactive poster) on your topic.  You will working individually or with a partner.


Due Date : April 10 


Astronomy Topics:  

People  Events  Subjects 
Galileo Sputnik 1 NASA
Johann Kepler Challenger Disaster Hubble Telescope
Tycho Brahe Explorer 1 Launch The Milky Way
Nicolaus Copernicus Moon Landing Solar Storms
Edwin Hubble Doopler Effect Discovered Saturn
Edmond Halley First Reflector Telescope Space Shuttle Discovery
Sir Isaac Newton Big Bang Theory Mars Pathfinder
Ptolomy First Space Station Space Shuttle Endeavor
Yuri Gagarin Columbia Disaster Black Holes
Alan Sheppard Mir Space Station Asteroids and Meteors
John Glenn   Coronal Mass Ejections
Robert Goddard   Magnetic Field
Neil Armstrong   Phases of the Moon
    International Space Station
  • NO Google and NO Wikipedia
  • When researching at home using the MCPS Online Services, you will need to access usernames/passwords from your Edline account (in the Media Center folder).  MCPS Online Services are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Most of the articles from MCPS Online Services have MLA citations already created at the bottom of the webpage.  Feel free to copy/paste the citations into a text file (ex. Word) as you compile your bibliography.


Documents:    Project Instructions / Citation Template /Works Cited Sample 


Online Resources


 OS Brit Academic Ed  

Britannica Online* - general reference with in-depth articles, images and graphics on a variety of subjects.  general reference

 OS Gale  

Gale/Cengage* - select either Science in Context or Student Resource in Context to search for articles on your topic.

 OS Facts on File  

Facts on File* - select Science Online to search for articles on your topic.
   OS eLibrary     eLibrary (ProQuest)* - select eLibrary from the list.  Type your key words into the search box. 

 OS WorldBook  

WorldBook* - general reference with in-depth articles, images and graphics on a variety of subjects.  general reference.


NASA - use the search box to locate your topic.  Use the topics on the right for additional filters.

 Astronomy 1 - use the search box to locate your topic.

 OS AP Images  

Historical Newspapers* - Primary source historical newspapers from the New York Times from 1851 through 2005.

  Google Images  

Infoplease - search through almanacs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and a variety of other resources.


Glogster - use the nickname and password distributed in class.  DO NOT change any part of the account profile.


Print Resources

REF 031 World Book Encyclopedia, Britannica

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