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NOTE:  Unfortunately when MCPS converted to a new website system in 2011 they deleted ALL the old photographs.  Many, but not all, were saved and reloaded.  If you have any photos you would like to add, please contact Coach Zanni directly by emailing him  here



Montgomery Sentinel photos from State finals.

2016 PHOTOS/VIDEOS (All Courtesy of Mark Villanueva)


Northwood (9/17/16)

 Thomas Johnson (9/13)

Rockville (9/15)

MHS Invitational (9/17)

Seneca Valley (9/19)

Churchill (9/21)

Blake (9/27)

Damascus (10/6)

Paint Branch (10/10)

Visitation (10/13)

Gaithersburg (10/18)

Watkins Mill (10/21)

Quince Orchard (10/24)

Wheaton (10/27)

Watkins Mill (playoffs)

Blake (playoffs)

Northern (playoffs)


2015 Photos/Videos


2015 Team banquet slideshow

18th Annual MHS Invitational photos (courtesy of Mark Villanueva)

 Quince Orchard match (courtesy of Mark Villanueva)

Churchill photos

 Thomas Johnson photos




Rockville photos

Seneca Valley photos

Poolesville photos

Damascus photos

Wheaton photos

Watkins Mill photos

Blake photos

Gaithersburg photos

Georgetown Visitation

Paint Branch photos

Northwood photos (senior night)

Watkins Mill photos (playoff match)

Blake Sectional Championship (11/11/15)

Northern photos (regional championship)

2015 Banquet



2014 Photos/Videos

2014 photos (showed at team banquet)---(courtesy of Merrilee Bell)

Whitman video
Blake video
 BCC video

Northwest video

 Varsity photos of Rockville and Einstein (courtesy of Merrilee Bell)

Northwest photos (Gazette)

 Rockville video

Varsity Photos from River Hill


2013 Photos/Videos

Quince Orchard video

Kennedy video

Visitation video

BCC video

Whitman video

Gaithersburg video

Blake video

Paint Branch video

Sherwood match video

Blair match video

Einstein match video

River Hill match video

 Springbrook match video

Rockville match video

 Sherwood photos (courtesy of Merrilee Bell)

Blair photos (courtesy of Merrilee Bell)

Einstein photos (Courtesy of Merrilee Bell)

 Sherwood Varsity photos-from Yearbook

 Springbrook JV/Varsity photos-from Yearbook

Video of Richard Montgomery match

Video of Urbana match Set 1   set 2 set 3


2012 Photos/Videos


Photos of Gaithersburg match

Photos of Damascus match (10/10/12)


2011 Photos/Videos

Photos of Northwood match (courtesy of Jim Pumhirun)

Photos of 2011 MHS Invitational (compliments of Jim Pumhirun)

Photos of regular season BCC match (compliments of Jim Pumhirun)

Photos of Wootton match (compliments of Jim Pumhirun)

Photos of Quince Orchard match (Rockville Patch)

JV Photos from Damascus (compliments of Mirta Funes)

Photos of the Varsity Gaithersburg match (George Bachtell)

Photos of the JV match against Gaithersburg (George Bachtell)

Photos of JV match team (compliments of Laurilee Clugston)

Photos of Gaithersburg Varsity match (Jim Pumrihun)

Photos of Springbrook match (senior night)


2010 Photo/Video

Photos of Wootton match (11/8/10)

Slideshow of Blair playoff match (11/5/10)

Photos of 2010 Gaithersburg match

Gazette photos of the 2010 MHS Invitational

Slideshow from the Good Counsel match (compliments of Jim Pumhirun)

Photo slideshow of the 2010 Varsity/JV Water Ballon Challenge

2009 Photo/Video

 Gazette slideshow of the state finals

Photos of the 2009 Terps game, Whitman match and Paint Branch Regional semifinal

2009 Magruder Invitational Photos

Photos of Magruder's win over top ranked Good Counsel

Photos of 2009 Richard Montgomery match


2008 Photo/Video

Photos of 2008 team at Chipotle

Photos of 2008 Einstein and Gaithersburg matches

Corri Smoot signs National Letter of Intent


2007 Photo/Video

Magruder vs. Gaithersburg video  Part 1 Part 2

Magruder vs. Walter Johnson video Part 1 (Games 1/2)  part 2 (game 3)

 2007 Photos (Watkins Mill and other matches)

 Photos of 2007 match at Blake


Magruder vs. Gaithersburg video (4A Regional Semifinal)  Part 1  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7


2005 Team Banquet Photos

Magruder vs. Wootton video (Match for county title):   part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 part 6


Photos of 2004 team

Magruder vs. Gaithersburg video(4A Regional Championship Match): Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Magruder vs. Bowie video (4A State Semifinals):   Part 1  Part 2  Part 3   Part 4  Part 5


Photos of 2003 season

Magruder vs. Sherwood video:  Game 1  Game 2  Game 3

Magruder vs. Springbrook video (for county title):   Part 1  part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6


Magruder vs. Rockville video (Senior Night):   Game 1  Game 2  Game 3

We are looking for ANY photos or videos from all seasons.  If you have any please email Coach Zanni by clicking  here.