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Magruder Girls Volleyball Alumni

Note: All graduates listed are from 1997 and beyond (Coach Zanni's tenure). Anyone having information about alumni from previous seasons should email Coach Zanni at We would like to update accurate information about alumni from all years.

2009 seniors 2005 seniors

taylor and sherri2 beccahitting


2016 ALUMNI GAME PHOTOS (more photos on MHS Alumni Facebook page)

2016 alumni game2 2016 alumni game


Year Name  
1997 Jennifer Chang  
Stacey Edlis  
Monica Glatt Working and living in Montgomery County
Paula Keogan  
Rachelle (Liwanag) de Ramos Has a doctoral degree in physical therapy.  Married with three children and working/living in Mont. Co.  Active runner!!!
Toni (Phillips)  Groven Graduated from UMCP.  Married with three kids and still plays some volleyball.  Living in Derwood. 
1998 Vandi (Ball) Marquez  Graduated from Clemson.  Married and has three kids. 
Gina Gavelan Married and lives in Mont. Co. Works for MCPS Human Resources
Theresa Graninger Played collegiately at NC Wesleyan.  Living and working in NYC.
Heather Jones Graduated from Mary Washington College.  Living in Germantown.
1999 Cindy (Cordero) Melton Living in Gaithersburg and working in Bethesda.  Has two children.
Noelia (Garcia)  Gonzalez Married and living in Germantown.  Has two children.
Lori (Glatt)  Leber Played volleyball and graduated from Frostburg.  Living in Florida. 
Katie Holtrop  
2000 Lindsey Haviland Graduated from Wake Forest where she played club volleyball.  Married and living in North Carolina.  Has one child. 
2001 Celeste Berteau Taught for three years in Washington DC.  Taught in Arizona for several years and now living in London. Had first child (boy!) in summer of 2019.     
Cindy Dominessy Graduated from the Univ. of Tenn. School of Dentristry. Served as a major in the Air Force as a dentist.  Now living in California working in private practice.  
Cinzia Gavelan Married with a son with a daughter.    Living in Germantown and working as an interior designer.
Kristin Graninger Played college volleyball at Greensboro.  Married and living in Mont. Co.
Jennifer (Liang)  Scott Graduated from Bucknell and later with a masters from Maryland.  Married and living in Denver.  Has a son Logan and a 2nd son on the way.
Dehkonti Paelay Graduated from Susquehanna.  Living and working in the DC area.
Courtney Pupa  
Sarah Schaerr Graduated from BYU.  Living and working in Mont. Co.   Has a child. 
Alexis (Yahyavi) Collins Living in the Olney area.  Married and working as a nutritionalist. Also working on 2nd masters degree in nutrition.   First child (Grace) born in February of 2015.   
2002 Christina Burdette Lives in Maryland, has gotten into competitive powerlifting. 
Hong Hong La Graduated from the Univ. of Maryland.
Yrma (Perdomo)  Silberstein Married. 
Heather Stephenson

Graduated from the University of Oklahoma and then got a Masters from Harvard in National Security. Currently working as an Analyst for the FBI in Washington, DC. Lives in Arlington, VA.  Recently married.  

Desi Taylor Living and working in the DC area.   Soon to move to Florida in hopes of opening her own gym.  
Brooke (Phillips)  Kristine Graduated from Florida State.  Worked as a teacher in Las Vegas and Arizona.  Now living in Alabama.  Married with a 3 year old.
Ruth Larios Working as a police officer and living in Montgomery County. 
2003 Kelly Goon  
Jess (Hanson)  Lidh Graduated from Flager College.  Married with four children.  Published author.  Worked for MCPS and now living in Appalachia NC. 
Jordan (Trammelle)  Black Graduated from Virginia Tech.  Living and working in Maryland. 
Rachel (Dougherty) Thomas Graduated from the US Naval Academy.  Served as a Naval officer for several years.  Married with three children.  Inducted in MHS Athletic Hall of Fame. Now living in Texas.  Youngest is playing volleyball.  
Caitlin (George)  Wooten Graduated from NC Wesleyan . Married with two kids.  Worked as college asst coach and junior college head coach. Being inducted into the MHS Athletic Hall of Fame in fall of 2018.   
Nicole Lubao Working in Baltimore area hospital.  Married with one boy and another on the way!
Kristina (Reindollar) Owad Working as an Military Police Officer in the Army.  Served in Afghanistan.     Has a boy.  
Sarah Swartz  Married, working and living in the Mont. Co. area.   Has a daughter. 
2005 Sarah (Dougherty)  Mitchell Graduated from St. Francis where she played volleyball.  Master's Degree from Pittsburgh in Media Sciences.   Working as a media specialist in West Virginia.  Married with two kids.  
Katie Craig Graduated from UNC Wilmington. Working in Wilmington for a pharmaceutical company
Laura George Graduated from the University of Maryland.  Living and working in Maryland.  Married with one child.  
Kelly Henderson Graduated from the University of Maryland.  Working as an elementary teacher in the Montgomery County area. 
Sherri Liang  Graduated from Bucknell after playing volleyball there and finished grad school from American University. Living in Brooklyn, NY with boyfriend and cat.  Inducted into MHS Athletic Hall of Fame.  Recently married.  
2006 Taylor (Herrgott)  Topper Graduated from McDaniel.  Lived in Nashville for several years and now back in Maryland.  Married and recently had first child. 
Julie (Holt)  Hulem  Graduated from South Carolina.  Married. 
Hong Loan La Graduated from the University of Maryland.  Doing a pediatric residency at Georgetown. 
Rebecca Russell  Graduated from Shepherd.  Living in WV and working as a river guide and dog grooming. 
2007 Annie Belott Graduated from Salisbury. 
Kelly (George) Dougherty Graduated from NC-Wesleyan.  Married and living in North Carolina.   Has a child.  
Cindy Goon Married and living in Montgomery County area. 
Jessica James  
Lauren Miller Graduated from Clemson
Kimery Musser Graduated from Maryland.  Lived in NYC, now working and living in California area. 
2008 Alex Coleman Graduated from Frostburg.  Works in a rehab facility helping people and trains in Jiu Jitsu.  Living in Howard County. 
Emily Reindollar Graduated from college.  In her third year teaching in an autism program in Charlotte, NC. 
Stefani Schaper Graduated from James Madison.  Lives in Silver Spring and is married.  
Emily Bricker Graduated from South Carolina.   Masters in conservation biology from Frostburg.  Working at National Zoo in the Panda House.  Recently married.  
Sam Nash  Graduated from West Virginia. 
Sam Goldman Graduated from Maryland. 
Breanna Nunez  Worked for teach for America and teaching elementary school in Oklahoma. 
Kelly Chang Graduated from Carnegie Mellon. 
2009 Alison Musser Graduated from East Carolina.  Living and working in Montgomery County.  Has a  daughter.  
Andrea Fort Graduated from DePaul.  Lived in France.  While there worked and earned a Master's in Communication Strategies.  Recently moved to Georgetown area and working in DC.
Corri Smoot  Married and living in Olney. Recently had first child. 
Christine Suh Graduated Maryland. 
Carly Miller Graduated from Clemson and living in NYC.   Moving to France!
2010 Michelle (Fowle)  McFarland Graduated from Coastal Carolina and working in Washington DC.  Married in summer of 2019.   
Tori Kenno  Teaching PE in MCPS and the Head Volleyball Coach at MC-Rockville. 
Courtney Koenig
Brittany Skrutski  Graduated from Towson University.  Married and living in Virginia. 
Brittany Rasmussen  Graduated from Maryland.  Working for KPMG in Philly area.  Still playing some rec volleyball.  Married and just bought a house!
Dee Dee Hosley  Working and living in Montgomery County area. 
Kim (Lam)  Mayberry Graduated from Salisbury.  Working in the DC area. Recently gave birth to a son!
Lisa Poole  
2011     Julie Chapin Graduated from East Carolina.  Living in Charlottesville VA and working as surgical nurse.  
  Rebecca Culver     Graduated York College.  Living and working in MoCo.
  Molly Hirrlinger Graduated from High Point. Working in MoCo and helping coach at Holy Cross. 
  Katie Kohler Graduated from St. Vincent's.  Living in Florida. 
  Xiaoyi Li Graduated from the University of Rochester.  Working at NIH in Bethesda and officiating high school volleyball.  Attending PHD. 
2012 Emma Geisser Graduated York College.  Living in California. Loves playing beach volleyball.  
  Winna Pumrihun Graduated from Elon.  Lived in Thailand.  Now teaching in Hawaii.  
2013 Katie Chisarick Working and living in Montgomery Count area. 
  Brittany EauClaire      
  Jen Gruber Graudated from Edinboro.  Living and working in Montgomery County area. Engaged to be married.  
  Katie Lansing  
  Lizzy Schaerr Graduated from BYU.  Recently married.
  Molly Weschler  
2014 Katie Clugston elementary school teacher.  Recently married. Living in Michigan.  
  Jalyn Houston UNC-Chapel Hill
  Caitlin Koenig UMBC
  Virginia Melandri University of Maryland, College Park
  Xena Metzger Campbell University
  Adjowa Pinkrah Frostburg
  Katie Sweeney Graduated from James Madison University.   
  Elizabeth Walsh Graduated from Lafayette.  Attending Columbia Law School. Coached Magruder summer league team!
2015 Hannah Barr Attending the University of Delaware
  Marina Bell Played collegiate volleyball and graduated from St. Mary's (MD).  Living and working in MoCo.  
  Becky Smith Attending the University of Pittsburgh
  Caitlyn Trickey Recent graduate of Ohio Wesleyan.  
2016 Sasha Laurenzo Attending Kent State
  Lilly Miller Played volleyball at MC-Rockville.  Attending college at East Carolina.  
  Bunmi Odubayo Finishing senior year at UMBC.  Planning to go to Med School.  
  Marrisa Post Attending the University of Maryland.
  Nicole Rios  
  Isabel Salas Attending University of Maryland
  Allie Walsh Attending MC-Rockville.  
 2017 Anna Grace Bladen Attending MC-Rockville
  Fatimah Seyed-Ali  
  Ecaterina Tau attending MC-Rockville and played volleyball there.  
  Alena Villanueva      attending McDaniel and playing volleyball
2018 Kristen Martindell Attending Clemson
  Alex Salas MC-Rockville
  Noelle Waring  
2019 Nichole Bright     attending American University
  Jade Guiao Enrolling the US Air Force
  Kira Ng     Attending and playing volleyball at MC-Rockville
  Lindsay Nyunja Attending and playing volleyball at MC-Rockville
  Sami Sager Attending college at University of South Carolina-Beaufort
  Katie Stevens-Donati Attending college at Penn State