About Us

Who was Colonel Zadok Magruder?

Colonel Zadok Magruder was a Revolutionary War patriot and farmer. He was born in Prince Georges County in 1729, the third generation of Magruders from Scotland, the son of John and Susanna (Smith) Magruder. As a young man, he moved to Montgomery County, at that time the southern region of Frederick County. He inherited 600 acres of land near Norbeck in 1745 and eventually built a house, "The Ridge", in 1750 near Redland, a community with a population of about 50. Rockville at that time had a population of almost 1,000. In 1754 he married Rachel Pottinger Bowie and they had eleven children, 8 girls and three boys, one of whom, Zadok, later became a doctor. ("Zadok" had a variety of spellings, including Zadoc, Zadock, and Zaddock)

Magruder High School exterior buildingZadok and his brother, Nathan, in 1774 were members of the General Committee to Annapolis (as local representatives) and they became members of a committee charged with executing the resolves of the American Continental Congress regarding the British Tea Act. He was also a member of the Maryland Committee of Correspondence. Zadok Magruder attained the rank of colonel in command of the "Home Defense Battalion of Lower Frederick County", part of the Maryland militia. He was appointed, along with his brother, as a commissioner to establish the government of Montgomery County when it became a separate county in 1776.

Colonel Zadok Magruder was an ardent worker in the resistance to England, as were many in the Magruder clan. They were farmers, merchants and mechanics who pledged their fortunes in the pursuit of independence and the cause of liberty. Magruder High School's location is near the site of "The Ridge", the Zadok Magruder family home.

Our Mission

The staff of Col. Zadok Magruder High School, a large public high school with deeply embedded traditions as well as a focus on the future, works together with our diverse students and their families to create a positive learning environment accessible to all students, where integrity and a sense of community are paramount. Through meaningful co-curricular activities, equitable support systems, and rigorous instruction, we promote the development of literate, responsible, well-rounded members of society.

As part of Montgomery County Public Schools, we are guided by the following core values:

  • Every child can learn and succeed.
  • The pursuit of excellence is fundamental and unending.
  • An ethical school system requires fair treatment, honesty, openness, integrity, and respect.
  • A high-quality school system strives to be responsive and accountable to the customer.

In addition, the staff of Magruder High School operates on the following beliefs:

  • Learning is optimal when the school environment is physically safe, academically challenging, and individually caring.
  • Children learn at different rates and in different ways.
  • Teachers must be passionate about their vocation, their subjects, and working with students.
  • Students must assume responsibility for and = take an active role in their own learning.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of the institution, the family, the community, and the student.
  • Cooperation among students and a partnership among teachers, students, and families are necessary to enhance the learning process.
  • Effective education develops the whole person—intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.
  • Learning how to learn provides the necessary framework for academic success throughout a student’s academic and professional life.

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