K - 2nd Grade Websites


Hey, want to show how BRILLIANT you are? Try these math games to sharpen your skills. 

Harcourt School Online - Log on using "Johnson" as your password. Use games in Chapters 1-6 and 11.

Math Baseball - Practice batting AND addition and subtraction at the same time!

Even and Odd - Read an online book about odd and even numbers.

Pattern Mania! - Practice making repeating and growing patterns.

Squigly's Apples - Practice ordinal numbers with this game.

Tens and Ones- This is a fun game to practice 10s and 1s.  


We know reading, writing, and spelling are not only useful ways for us to learn more about ourselves and the world - they are FUN! Use these sites to practice your skills:

Word Turtle - Are you looking for a cool way to practice your spelling words? Go to Word Turtle and make a word search with your words. Then, print it out or find the words on the computer.

Time For Kids - The official site! Read the latest "Big Picture" or "News Scoop" edition, take a quiz or poll, or play games.

Arthur Postcards- Write a postcard, and then print it or e-mail it to a friend. If you get stuck, check out "The Letter Writer Helper."

Arthur's Story Scramble- Put Arthur stories in order. Then, read and listen to them.

Francine's Un-Matching Game - Guess which word doesn't fit!

Treasure Trove - Review what you know about contractions with this en "rich" ing game.

Fun Stationery - Want to write a story or letter at home? Pick some cool paper from here and get started!

An Alien Is Here!- An alien comes to visit you on Earth. Write a list of what you will show him.


See 'N Spell - Review all kinds of first grade spelling words with this fun letter tile game.


Calder Mobiles at the National Gallery of Art - In Science, we are learning about Alexander Calder's balancing mobiles. See some of his mobiles right here!

Monarchs to Mexico - See how our Monarch butterflies are doing as they travel to Mexico.

Social Studies

Moo Milk - Click here to take a virtual tour of how milk is made. Can you see the natural, capital and human resources at the dairy?

Just For Fun 

These sites are so cool, you won't even know you're learning, too:

Ask Prunella - Can Prunella predict the future with her crystal ball?

Arthur's Music Box - Listen to hit tunes from "Arthur" while unscrambling pictures.

Funbrain - Lots of fun games for Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies

Finding Stuff on the Web

Got a question? Ask mom or dad for help, then go to www.yahooligans.com for the answer. This great site is just for kids. You can find answers to lots of questions.



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