5th Grade Websites

Hey fifth graders here is a site just for you! This site is full of links to online activities that you can use to have fun and reinforce your skills at the same time! 


Harcourt School (the password is Johnson)

Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers 

Practice with Adding Fractions 

Put decimals in order 

Division Practice 

Practice solving problems using different operations 

Arithmetic Four (a game like Connect Four) 

Mad Minute Practice 

Practice with multiplying and dividing nines 

Pick the right operation to solve problems 

Practice with factors, multiples, and prime factorization 

Click here for links to fifth grade math games 

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 Magic Gopher 

Number Cop 


 Coffee House  


Prefix Mix - working with "Pre" and "Post," prefixes with opposite meanings

Root Words - Underline the root words in the slides. Circle the prefix or suffix. (a PowerPoint show created by Connie Campbell) This is a zipped file that must be unzipped to be used.

Rooting Out Words - Help Remainder the Dog gather enough mushrooms to sell at the market by uncovering the roots of words. (three categories, several difficulty levels - from FunBrain)

Suffixes Make New Words - Drag and drop the suffix to the correct root word to make a new word.

Suffixes Say a Lot - pick the best definition of the capitalized word

Suffix-ly - use simple strategies to determine meaning and increase vocabulary for reading, including the use of suffixes. (Author - Lois Davis)

Looking for the Fine Print - read advertisements to practice reading critically

What are They Selling - evaluate six advertisements

Captions Help Tell the Story - look at three pictures and try to determine which caption fits best

Read All About It! - Newspapers are divided into standard sections. Use sections to predict where types ofstories would be found

Reading Headlines - read eight headlines and try to determine what the article is about

Sequencing for fun - many online activities from which to choose

Identify the Main Idea - online practice

Reading Exercises - Multiple passages with questions.

Summarize as You Read - When you summarize, eliminate unnecessary details. Focus on the main idea of the whole passage.


Scrambled Stories - select one of six stories, select from a list of words, and then see the story that you have scrambled

Author's Purpose - matching game

Power Proofreading - Choose your level of skill and your areas of concepts to practice with an interactive activity (choose grade 5) There are over two dozen different passages to choose from.

Proofreading Makes Perfect - correct these sentences by entering correct grammar

Idiom - FunBrain activity

Science/Social Studies

Click here for links to fun Science activities 

Click here for links to fun Social Studies Activities  

Boston Massacre


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