Student Government Association (SGA)

The Luxmanor SGA serves the student body by representing the variety of opinions and interests of the students, aiding communication between the students and staff, and generating school spirit through SGA-sponsored activities. It is an elected group, made up of SGA officers, and special office representatives.  The SGA meets monthly. 

Luxmanor’s SGA Faculty Sponsors are Ms. Gloria Silverberg  and Mrs. Carolyn Tharpe-Robinson.

The Student Government has led the school in many service activities supporting local needs.   This year began with a Kids Helping Kids Food Drive where we collected many pounds of food for Manna Food Center. In February, we will be collecting money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Association’s Pennies for Patients.   Our students also participated in a Walk for the Homeless which raised funds for the Stepping Stones Shelter.  Luxmanor’s students have enjoyed giving back to the community and knowing they are contributing to others’ welfare.

Job Descriptions

The President must be familiar with all of the other roles and responsibilities of the other officers and be able to setep in at a moments notice.  They must be a good student who is also a good role model and leader.  The President should be able to run the SGA meetings with little help from the adult sponsors, be comfortable speaking in front of a group, listen to everyone’s ideas, be fair and nice to everyone.

Vice President
The Vice President helps the President run the meetings by themselves.  The VP is also in charge of all of the sub-committees of the SGA, and makes sure announcements are written, the school newsletter is updated, posters are made for upcoming events and more.  It is important to be well organized, have good ideas, and be a good leader. 

The treasurer is someone who keeps track of how much money the SGA has and if we spend it on something then the treasurer reports back on what the money was spent on, how much was spent, and how much is left in our account.  The treasurer should be good in math, well organized, and always able to report on the SGA funds.

This is a big job which involves taking notes while people are talking, recording ideas and suggestions, and then reporting back to the SGA at future meetings with those same notes.  The secretary must be extremely well organized and able to take quick and accurate notes, which are sometimes called minutes.


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