Instrumental Music

(this website also includes instrument demo videos and a list of music stores for instrument rentals)

To Register for Instrumental Music (to be done by a parent/guardian)

(Instrumental music is for 4th and 5th grade students) 


General Music Instruction

Music classes at Luxmanor primarily follow the Kodály philosophy of music education, which holds that the voice should be a student's first and main instrument.  

The Kodály Method, developed by Hungarian ethnomusicologist, composer, and educator Zoltán Kodály, is an experience-based, sequential teaching approach to promote music literacy, in-tune singing, and aural skills. Using singing, rhythm syllables, Curwen hand signs, and moveable-do solfa, students' inner-hearing skills are developed with the aim of seeing what is heard and hearing what is seen.


In a typical class, students will sing a variety of folk and game songs.  Additionally, every lesson will contain some combination of other musical activities, including movement and/or dancing, playing classroom instruments, listening, reading, writing, improvising, or composing.

"The characteristics of a complete musician can be summarized as follows:

1. A well-trained ear

2. A well-trained mind

3. A well-trained heart

4. A well-trained hand

All four must develop together, in constant equilibrium."

- Zoltán Kodály

Instructional Learning Sites

Looking for more opportunities to grow as a musician? Explore these music education websites that offer games, activities, quizzes, and recordings for students to discover instruments as well as practice music theory, ear training, composition, and much more!

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