First Grade  

Here is what we will be doing this quarter:


Eureka Math, Module 1

The commutative property of addition, addition fluency within 10, subtraction as an unknown addend problem, and subtraction word problems.  Students will take a Mid-Module Assessment at the end of the month.

Reading and Writing

We will work on Review and Routines. Students will learn. Then, we will start Unit 1 in Benchmark. Students will focus on the essential question “Why do people get involved in their communities?”

Students will read about ways people have helped their communities. We will work on reading strategies such as identifying key details, using pictures to help understand text and comparing and contrasting two texts.

Students will do a variety of writing genres such as narrative, opinion and informative writing. We will work on verb tenses and common and proper nouns.

Really Great Reading 

Really Great Reading is our new phonics program that provides targeted instruction in letter knowledge, phonics, phonemic awareness, phoneme segmentation and high-frequency words.

Science/Social Studies

Social Studies: Students will learn the importance of rules and how they keep us safe. We will discuss responsibilities and leadership. 

Science:  We will work on our astronomy unit: observing the sun, moon and stars. Students will observe patterns in the daytime sky and patterns in the nighttime sky.

Learning Skills and Behavior

We will send home Learning Skills folders at the end of each month.  Please sign and return the next school day.

Instructional Learning Sites

Story Online


PBS Kids