Student Service Learning (SSL)

Please visit the MCPS SSL Webpage here

A Message from LMS School Counselor Mr. Hardy (July 2021)

Students may continue to engage in MCPS SSL opportunities during the summer, including select virtual/remote opportunities that follow the temporarily amended guidelines posted on the MCPS SSL webpage ( All SSL opportunities can be found on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center website (; these opportunities will be tagged with the blue MCPS SSL banner and graduation cap icon. For individual approval to engage in service opportunities not listed on the MCVC website, students should complete MCPS Form 560-50 ( and email the request to Mr. Hardy, To learn more about the MCPS SSL program, please view our program overview at

‚ÄčNow that schools are fully open, students should bring their completed SSL forms to the counseling office for submittal.

SSL hours that were completed during the 3rd and 4th quarter of the 2020-2021 school year and SSL hours that will be completed during this summer should be physically completed and turned in when school is back in full session. 

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Hardy,  Thank you!


SSL Notes & Tips

  • Local, State, and National elections provide opportunities for students to be involved in the political process.  Political organizations and opportunities identified with a graduation cap icon cap .  Any service provided to an individual running for public office requires MCPS Form 560-50, Request for SSL Preapproval granted in advance.

  • Remember:  SSL is a graduation requirement.  SSL along with all other requirements must be met for a high school diploma to be awarded.

  • Spring Break is a good time to get involved in service, address real needs in the community, while gaining knowledge, developing skills, and earning SSL hours in a meaningful way.

  • Seniors who have documented 260 or more SSL hours by the first Friday in April will be awarded a Certificate of Meritorious Service. 

  • Middle School students enrolled in Grade 6 science, Grade 7 English, and Grade 8 social studies may have opportunities to engage in service-learning activities during the instructional day.  Verification of service in these courses is required using MCPS Form 560-51, Student Service Learning Activity Verification.

  • All forms required to document SSL are found on the website or at any middle or high school.  Completed forms become part of each student’s record.

  • All service for which SSL hours are awarded must be performed in a public place.  The only exception to this is students may earn SSL hours by making bag lunches at home and delivering them to a county homeless shelter.  SSL hours are awarded based on the number of meals delivered.