Program Overview

The goal of TV Production: Lights! Camera! Literacy! is to maximize students’ skills as viewers of film and to guide students in successfully transferring these skills to the written page. Students learn to “read” film at the literary, dramatic, and cinematic levels and work collaboratively to illustrate different aspects of filmmaking through their own videos, so they might become more effective visual communicators.

Mr. Joshua A Foster

Classroom Teacher Middle; Lights, Camera, Literacy!


Miss Christiana E Moore

Classroom Teacher Middle; Lights, Camera, Literacy!



Lights, Camera, Literacy Video  

Filming the Lion

Holiday Latte Fail
Copy of Snow Day on a Monday 
Winter wonderland 1 
Copy of Mason Lipczenko Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland



Wave winter wonderland
Kylie Winter Wonderland 2
Copy of One snowy morning Rachel pd 7 winter
Copy of Where's Raymond
Copy of Winter Wonderland Film Sarana Poudel 1
Video Ending 


Connie Winter Wonderland 
How to wrap a present
5 Things to do in winter
Ultimate snow ball fight
Activities to do in the winter group 7
LMS News hot Coco 1
Video Ending


Winter Wonderland Intro
KIM winter break
Copy of The Snow Day Christopher Perez LCFL PD 
Copy of My Video
Copy of When Snow Falls heavy
Video Ending