6th Grade Information 



Attention 6th grade parents- All 6th grade students are required to have documentation on file in the health room of receiving one dose of tetanus ,diphtheria and attenuated pertussis or  (Tdap) and one meningococcal or (MCV4) vaccination.   Students will not be permitted to enter 7th grade without proof, so the time is now to get this documentation to the health room.  

Please contact your child’s health care provider to determine if your child has had these 2 shots.  If they have, please bring documentation to the health room.  If not, please request to have them administered as soon as possible.  If you need assistance getting these vaccinations, please call the school health room at 240-740-5832 or email our school nurse at tami_vanveldhuisen@mcpsmd.org.  


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6th Grade Team

Mr. Jon D’Souza - Assistant Principal; Grade 6 Administrator

Ms. Jess Bayuk - Counselor for student last names A-G

Mr. Chet Hardy - Counselor for student last names  H-Z

Ms. Reem Bechara - ESOL Counselor (Resource)

Ms. Pam Decederfelt - Team Leader

Mr. Eric Cunningham - Community Engagement Coordinator 

Ms. Cecilia Rosario - Community Engagement Coordinator

Ms. Adrianne Adams 

Ms. Heather Buck 

Ms. Stacey Cohen

Mr. Jonathan Coor 

Ms. Sibel Demirer

Ms. Connie Ely

Mr. Joshua Foster (PT)

Ms. Akua Gaudry

Mr. Luis Godinez 

Ms Grace Hattery

Ms. Zohrain Hasnani

Mr. Aaron Houghton

Ms. Stephanie Keith

Ms. Julianna Mackie

Ms. Beth Manrique

Mr. JohnDavid Maybury

Ms. Emily Parizer-Velez

Ms. Sharon Plotkin 

Ms. Allison Poonai

Ms. Zahara Sani

Ms. Ashleigh Tate 

Ms. Lyndsey Van Druff