Summer Math Packets 

 Choose the packet that matches the course you will be entering in the fall. Packets are due the second week of school:

Math 6 Packet

Math 7 Packet

Math 8 Packet

Math Investigations (IM) 


ESOL METS Math Packet

Honors Geometry (use GOOGLE CLASSROOM ekos75p)


Mathematics Program Goals

The mathematics program at Loiederman Middle School has four goals: 

  • To develop students who value mathematics and see it as useful to solving problems and making sense of the world.
  • To engage all students in experiences with mathematics content and processes that help them reach proficiency.
  • To ensure that all students master the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to be college and career ready by graduation.
  • To prepare students with the desire and skills necessary to have the opportunity to take advanced math courses in high school.

 Fostering a Mathematical Mindset at Home 

Cultivating a Growth Mindset at Home

• "Mindset Kit for Parents" 

 "Growth Mindset Parenting - Say This, Not That" 

“With Math I Can: Resources in Your Home”


Curriculum Overviews and Resources


Math 6  

Math 7

Math 8  

Investigations into Mathematics (IM)

Algebra 1

Honors Geometry   


 Math Team 

Ms. Emily Parizer-Velez

Content Specialist


Mr. William Bugg

Teacher, Focus


Mrs. Maya Dodson

Teacher, Acad Intervention


Ms. Maria Flores

Classroom Teacher Middle


Mr. Andrew Kormann

Classroom Teacher Middle


Mr. Daniel Noonan

Paraeducator, Special Programs


Mrs. Hansa Rau

Classroom Teacher Middle


Mrs. Kathryn San Gabriel

Classroom Teacher Middle


Ms. Jessica Stouffer

Team Leader- Classroom Teacher Middle


Ms. Kayleigh Yankie

Math Teacher Middle