Summer Math Packets 

 Choose the packet that matches the course you will be entering in the fall. Packets are due the second week of school:

Math 6 Packet

Math 7 Packet

Math 8 Packet

Math Investigations (IM) 


ESOL METS Math Packet

Honors Geometry (use GOOGLE CLASSROOM ekos75p)


Mathematics Program Goals

The mathematics program at Loiederman Middle School has four goals: 

  • To develop students who value mathematics and see it as useful to solving problems and making sense of the world.
  • To engage all students in experiences with mathematics content and processes that help them reach proficiency.
  • To ensure that all students master the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to be college and career ready by graduation.
  • To prepare students with the desire and skills necessary to have the opportunity to take advanced math courses in high school.
 Fostering a Mathematical Mindset at Home 

Cultivating a Growth Mindset at Home

• "Mindset Kit for Parents" 

 "Growth Mindset Parenting - Say This, Not That" 

“With Math I Can: Resources in Your Home”

Curriculum Overviews and Resources

Mathematics 240-740-5830

Ms. Emily S Parizer-Velez

Content Specialist, Algebra I, IM

Mr. William J Bugg

Classroom Teacher Middle, IM, Math 6

Ms Maya N Dodson

Classroom Teacher Middle, IM, Math 7  


Ms. Maria E Flores

Classroom Teacher Middle, Algebra I, Math 6

Mr. Daniel J Noonan

Paraeducator, Special Programs

Mrs. Hansa V Rau

Classroom Teacher Middle, Math 6

Ms. Kathryn A San Gabriel

Classroom Teacher Middle, IM, Related Studies

Mr. Jeremy Snyder, 

Grade 7 Team Leader- Classroom Teacher Middle, Math 8, Algebra I

Ms. Jessica N Stouffer

Classroom Teacher Middle, Geometry, Algebra I

Ms. Carter Vaughn

Classroom Teacher Middle, Math 8, Algebra I