8th Grade Information

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imagevn9ml.png  We recently screened all 8th graders for hearing and vision. If your child did not pass the screening, you will have already received a referral letter, via US mail, with specific results of your child’s hearing and/or vision screening, as well as what to do with this information. Please follow up with the appropriate health care provider and provide the school nurse with results. Results can be returned to school by mail, sent with your student, or sent via email to Tami VanVeldhuisen (School Nurse) at tami_vanveldhuisen@mcpsmd.org If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the health room at 240-740-5832 or email our school nurse at the above email.



High School Choice Forms
High School choice forms usually goes live in mid to late October, however, I advise you to NOT complete your form until we have completed our advisory lessons together. We will have a lesson in advisory classes to talk about this process. The form will not be due until early November, so again, please wait at least until these advisory lessons are completed to submit your form!
Regarding application-based programs:

Please reach out to your school counselor if you have any questions about this process!

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Ms. Ashton Pontious, Assistant Principal/Magnet Coordinator, Grade 8 Administrator

Mr. James Risse - 8th grade Counselor 

Ms. Reem Bechara - ESOL Counselor (Resource)

Ms. Jessica Stouffer - Team Leader 

Ms. Tiffany Alastanos - Community Engagement Coordinator 

Ms. Chrissy Moore - Community Engagement Coordinator 

Ms. Ida AbiJomaa

Ms. Dory'Ann Benjamin

Ms. Brittney Black

Mr. Colin Brown (PT)

Ms. Renee Caouette

Ms. Melissa Chae

Mr. Gregory Croghan

Mr. Joshua Dowling

Ms. Melissa Goldberg

Ms. Angela Goslin

Ms. Lisa Labbate

Ms. Robyn Paley

Mr. Peter Perrella

Ms. Hansa Rau

Ms. Leslie Sadlier

Ms. Reyes Samanes

Mr. David Silberman

Ms. Michelle Thomas (PPW)

Mr. Marcos Virella

Ms. Kristin Vaeth

Ms. Crissy Wade-Fitzpatrick

Mr. Jeffrey Wilson

Ms. Shea Winsett