In order to provide a seamless transition to our 2020-2021 virtual school year start, we have designed the following plan to help students, parents and caretakers gradually build up to their full schedules.  At the forefront of our plan is the emotional well-being of our children. 

Therefore, for the first week of school (August 31-September 4) students will receive live instruction in literacy and math in the morning with a focus on relationship building, Canvas classroom explorations and building virtual independence and confidence.  Teachers will provide asynchronous work for students to work on during the afternoon hours so that staff can assess students in literacy and math one on one.

During the week of Sept 7-11 teachers will start following the grade level assigned schedule (both AM and PM).  Students will have full math, literacy and specials (Art, Music and P.E.) instruction.  However, students will not be instructed in Science or Social Studies until the third week of school.

Science and Social Studies live instruction will begin the week of September 14.  This plan ensures all students have a strong foundation of virtual learning tools and healthy relationships with the staff and peers.

Additional support (known at LES as Power Half-hour) will also begin this week.  Power Half-hour will be a time for teachers to meet with students for specialized instruction.  If your child is not scheduled for power half-hour, they may use that time for independent work. Your child’s teacher will let you know if they are scheduled for power half-hour instruction. 



Lunch /Wellness


Week 1

August 31-

 September 4

*No Art, Music, PE

*No live instruction in afternoon

Morning Live Instruction


Breaks will be built into the morning  schedule


Students will have small group/individual assessments with their teacher and independent work


Students will not have live classroom instruction

Week 2


 8 - 11

*Same as week 1 with the addition of Art, Music, PE

Morning Live Instruction


Breaks will be built into the morning schedule


Afternoon Live Instruction


Specials instruction will begin (Art, Music, and P.E.)

Breaks will be built into the schedule

Starting Week 3 Daily schedule for the remainder of Virtual Learning

Week 3 

September  14

*Full Schedule: Same as week 2 with the addition of Science/SS, and extra support

Morning Live Instruction


Breaks will be built into the morning schedule


Afternoon  Live Instruction


Breaks will be built into the afternoon schedule

Week 1: 8/31-9/4

Week 2: 9/8-9/11 (No School on 9/7)

Week 3: 9/14 and beyond