Counselor's Corner

When someone is bugging you, DE-BUG!

Try these steps:

  1. Decide to Ignore.
  2. Exit – Walk away.
  3. Be Friendly – Use Friendly Words.
    Give an "I–Message": 
    "I feel    (feeling word)    when you    (what the person is doing)   .  Please    (what you want to happen)   ."
  4. Use Firm Words. "I am really    (feeling word)   .  Stop it, right now!!"
  5. Get Adult Help.

Stop and Think

Stop and Think Social Skills 
September: Responsibility (159KB, PDF)
October: Listening
(31KB, PDF)
November: Asking For Help  (34KB, PDF)
December: Social Skills Review  (209KB, PDF)
January & February: Ignoring Distractions  (111KB, PDF)
  1. Stop and think
  2. Am I going to make a good choice or a bad choice?
  3. What are my choices?
  4. Do it!
  5. Good job!


Steps of Conflict Resolution

Use Words:  Use words to talk, listen and understand each other.
and Ideas:  Come up with ideas for a compromise; brainstorm solutions to the problem.
To Settle It:  Decide on a compromise or solution that everyone agrees is fair.
Or Explain It:  If unable to find a compromise or solution, tell a Peer Mediator or adult.