About Our School

Vision and Mission

Vision:  Laytonsville Elementary is a school where all students are successful; all students have equitable access to rigorous learning experiences that meet their diverse needs.

Mission:  We will apply an equity filter through everything we do by asking:

  • Who does this affect, serve or neglect and how does it make them feel?
  • Whose voices are dominating/lacking?
  • What adverse impacts or unintended consequences could result from this?
  • What data will be used to ensure the achieves the intended outcome equitably?


Laytonsville Elementary School (LES) is part of the Gaithersburg Cluster and Damascus Cluster of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland.

General Information


Bus Routes

At Laytonsville Elementary School, each school bus route is assigned a color code name. Most students and LES staff members refer to the school buses by their color names, (the Red bus, the Purple bus, etc.), rather than by the route numbers. However, when calling the school or the MCPS Department of Transportation with a question or concern about your child's bus, it is helpful to provide the bus (route) number, as well as the LES bus color code.

Listed here are the MCPS bus routes which service Laytonsville Elementary School and the LES color code names for each. Detailed information about each route, including timing and location of scheduled stops, is provided in the MCPS School Bus Routes (19 KB PDF) document.

MCPS Department of Transportation
(301) 840-8130 

Red Bus – Route #4102  
Black Bus – Route #4107  
Orange Bus – Route #4108  
Brown Bus – Route #4109  
Yellow Bus – Route #4111  
Grey Bus – Route #4114  
Purple Bus – Route #4117  
Tan Bus – Route #4118  
White Bus – Route #4122  
Pink Bus – Route #4130  
Green Bus – Route #4131  


School Meal Prices A la Carte Prices
Lunch $ 2.55 Milk $ .60
Reduced Lunch $ .40 Chips $ .75
Breakfast $ 1.30 Cookies $ .35
Reduced Breakfast $ .00 Ice Cream $ .75