Lakewood MOEMS Math Olympiad Team 2019-2020

Lakewood ES Math Olympiad Team started since fall 2016 and was fully supported by school’s PTA, Ms. Berner, school staffs and parents. Lakewood Math Olympiad team won the Plaque of Honor (the highest award for the team), Honor Roll of Highest Team Achievement (National top 10% teams in Division Elementary) for the past few years. All team members were awarded Certificates of Participants at the school assembly at the end of the school year.


As of today, there’re a total of twenty-five students (in grades 4 and 5) registered for the 2019-2020 Lakewood Math Olympiad Team. Our scheduled math contest dates are the following:


  Contest 1 :    November 14

  Contest 2 :    December 12

  Contest 3 :    January 16

  Contest 4 :    February 13

  Contest 5 :    March 12


Each contest, consisting of five questions, is limited to 30 minutes. Once students are dismissed from school, they will be reminded to go Mrs. Silversmith’s classroom to take the contest. I hope all registered student have fun in our school’s math team and do well on each contest this year. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email MOEMS contact Amy Wei at