Broadcast Journalism and Communications Academy

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Mr. Andrew Inches

The Broadcast Journalism and Communications Academy prepares students for careers in television production, internet-based media, and broadcast reporting. Students in this Academy become members of the award winning KCTV Productions. Students actively produce stories and elements for the daily live show, KCTV Live, our news magazine show, The Sword, and our podcast. Students gain real world experience while getting valuable feedback from industry professionals.

JFK is the only PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab in Montgomery County. The program connects our students to local PBS stations and news professionals in the community to produce original, student-generated video reports. The students who participate in the project learn how to think critically, problem solve, synthesize information and investigate important topics. The Kennedy High School Reporting Lab web page provides many examples of the students' work.

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Some of our students who work on The Sword at KCTV. We are proud to work with PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs!


KCTV conducting a multi-camera interview as we talk with a panel.


Broadcast Journalism Interview with Loo Katz

During the Hall of Fame celebrations in February 2023, Broadcast Journalism students had the opportunity to interview long-time radio show host, Loo Katz. You can learn more about his 40-year career on the Cavalier Hall of Fame website. Please click the image below to watch the full interview.

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Celebrating our Broadcast Journalism Program

In 2021, the Montgomery County Council sponsored their “Councilmember for a Day” competition with video entries, rather than essays. Kennedy’s Broadcast Journalism lead teacher, Mr. Andrew Inches, worked with students from different schools within MCPS to submit their entries. Mr. Inches’ group featured projects that placed in the top three positions of the competition. This was a great opportunity for collaboration for people from different schools around the county to tell powerful and unique stories.

Recommended Academy Pathway Courses for Broadcast JournalismRecommended Academy
Pathway Courses

Courses Include:

  • Introduction to Interactive Media A/B
  • Video Production A/B
  • Electronic Video Field Production A/B
  • Internship Arts, Media & Communications Full Year

Some students also take:

  • IB Film 1A/B
  • IB Film 2 A/B

A look behind the scenes at our live show!

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A look behind the scenes.png   A look behind the scenes 2.png
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  A look behind the scenes 5.png  

Check out our Work with PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs

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