Health Professions Academy






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Team Leader:
Ms. Barbara Marchwicki

The Health Professions Academy has two rigorous pathways. Students in this Academy explore careers in the healthcare industry and develop skills related to patient care practiced in hospitals and long-term facilities. Students who successfully complete the Medical Careers pathway earn a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate from the Maryland Board of Nursing, providing the foundation for admission into institutions of higher learning and entry-level healthcare facilities.

Recommended Academy Pathway Courses for Health Careers AcademyRecommended Academy
Pathway Courses

The following download is an example of a plan that may be modified to meet a student’s individual needs. All students must take prescribed English, math, science, social studies, and other courses required for a Maryland high school diploma. The academy electives courses are part of each academy pathway. See High School Program Overview for more information.

Medical Careers Mission and Standards

Student nursing assistants are expected to meet these standards in ALL their classes. The expectation for these team members is Honor Roll grades every quarter. Grades/assignments are reviewed in EVERY class every 4.5 weeks (interims and end of marking periods). The Medical Careers students have established Study Buddy groups to support each other. If you have any concerns with their progress in your classes please ask them who their Study Buddy is, and email Ms. Marchwicki to engage with her and support the students' learning. Download a printable copy of the Mission and Standards.


Members of the Medical Career Program Teams will explore a wide range of health care careers and successfully prepare themselves for admission into institutions of higher learning and for entry level health care positions.


  • Students will treat ALL people with courtesy and respect at ALL times.
  • Students will maintain standards of professional behavior at all times.
  • Students will complete all assignments on or before the due date to the required standards.
  • Students will notify the instructor before the due date if there is any concern with assignment completion.
  • Students will arrive to class on time with black pen and paper prepared for the day’s scheduled activity.
  • Students will report their absences before the start of class or clinical. MAXIMUM of five absences each semester.
  • Students will meet academic standards in all classes. Parents and students will review the student’s grade report weekly on the MyMCPS Portal to ensure student is meeting standards in all classes. Honor Roll is the expectation.

ONLY students meeting the above standards will be:
Eligible for admission into second semester
Eligible for college and scholarship recommendations
Eligible for CNA licensure
Eligible for second year internships