The goal of the ESOL program is to teach and support our English Language Learners so that they reach a high level of English in order to be successful both linguistically, culturally and socially here at John F. Kennedy High School. We also endeavor to build skills that will help students to be successful in their futures after high school.


To provide high quality instruction, assessment, counseling, and parent outreach activities that enable English language learners to demonstrate successful academic performance across all curricular areas.


To promote the effective instruction of all English language learners across the curriculum to enable them to acquire the social and academic English needed to achieve in all content areas, pre K-12.
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ESOL Resources

MCPS Division of ESOL/Bilingual Programs
Adult ESOL Classes - (301) 962-8950 Press 2
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Information for Non-English Speakers

Speakers of languages other than English can find information about Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in one click from the MCPS Web site's home page,

Web sites have been created in Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese to enable non-English-speaking families to more easily find news, documents and information about services.

Suggestions and comments about this service can be e-mailed to the MCPS Web Services Team at

Viewers of these sites should be sure their Web browser is set to view Web pages in Unicode UTF-8, the international standard. In Internet Explorer, go to View in the dropdown menu, pull down to Encoding, and select Unicode UTF-8. Viewing of English web pages is not impacted, so users can keep their browsers at this setting at all times.