Office Info

Ms. Jennifer Lyons


The registrar maintains all records for current students. The registrar helps enroll new students and also withdraws students who may be transferring to another school. The registrar also sends transcripts to colleges.

Central Records Office

The MCPS Central Records Office supports schools by maintaining all graduate and withdrawn student records in compliance with State and Federal regulations.

The address for MCPS Central Records Office is:

Central Records, Concord Center
7210 Hidden Creek Road
Bethesda, MD 20817

Telephone: 240-740-5270
Fax: 301-320-7305

School transcripts are available for purchase. If you graduated or withdrew less than five years ago contact your former school to obtain your transcript and/or school records. If you graduated or withdrew five or more years ago, complete form 226-8, Student Record Request Form. Transcripts may also be requested in person at Central Records.