White BranchesLearning from Famous Photographers

Digital Photography 

Created by K Crossley 12/20/12

You will be exploring the creative background, main photography focus, and personal interests of some well-known photographers.  You will be also be studying their photographs and trying to recreate those images or imitate the photographer’s style in your own work. 

You will create a NoodleTools bibliography for this research project using at least two resources and share it with your teacher electronically. 


NoodleTools:  Cite as websites.  DO provide a URL for websites. 

If you use an image from one of these websites, cite it this way in NoodleTools:  Painting, Sculpture or Photograph – Online – Choose if it is in a gallery or just online – Fill in ALL the boxes you can. 

 Ansel Adams 

Ansel Adams: the Masterworks – There are also links at the bottom to more articles about Adams. 

New York Times Obituary of Ansel Adams 

San Francisco History Index:  Ansel Adams – This article contains links to biographies, a timeline, and links to view Adams’ photographs. 

The Ansel Adams Gallery – Here you can see famous photographs by Adams, as well as a biography and articles about Adams. 

Library of Congress:  Ansel Adams’s Photographs of Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar – Click on “Gallery” at the bottom of the page to see more photographs in this collection. 

 Jodi Cobb 

Jodi Cobb – Look under “Info” for a biography of Jodi Cobb and under “Gallery” to see different collections of her photographs. 

National Geographic: Photography: Jodi Cobb – Here is an article on National Geographic website about Jodi Cobb.  Watch out for the advertisements! 

Claude Peschel Dutombe 

Apogee Photo: An Interview with Fine Art Photographer, Claude Peschel Dutombe 

Claude Peschel Dutombe – Click on “Portfolio” to see his work.  

Claude Peschel Dutombe Introduces Frozen Zen – Click on “Gallery” to see his photographs. 

 Anne Geddes 

Anne Geddes -  Under “Anne”, look for her biography.  To see her photographs look under “Galleries.”  Tony Pancella 

Anne Geddes Baby Pictures – A number of articles about Anne Geddes have been collected here. 

 Maya Hed 

Apogee Photo:  A Momentary Lapse of Reason: Interview with Jazz Musician Photographer Maya Hed – Here is an interview with Maya Hed.  

Camera Oscura: Il Teatro del’Opera with Jazz Photographer Maya Hed – Another interview with Maya  Hed. 

Piero Leonardi 

Piero Leonardi – Click on English at the top.  Click on “Bio” for a short biography of Piero Leonardi.  The titles of some photographs are on the right side.  Click on titles to view them. 

Apogee Photo:  The Soul of Things:  Imaginative Photography – This is an article written by Piero Leonardi which talks about his view of perception in photography. 

Clark Little 

Clark Little Photography – Here is his biography, and links to videos about him and advertisements featuring his photographs.  Click on “Online Gallery” to see his photographs. 

Gizmodo:  Ask a Pro: Clark Little on Photographing Waves – An interview with Clark Little about how he creates his photographs. 

Steve McCurry 

Steve McCurry – Here is his biography.  Click on “Image Galleries” to see his collections of photographs. 

National Geographic: Photography: Steve McCurry – Here is an article from National Geographic online about Steve McCurry.  Watch out for the advertisements! 

Marie-Claire Montanari 

Apogee Photo: Marie-Claire Montanari: Reflections – Here is an article about Marie-Clair Montanari. 

Fine Art Photography by Marie-Claire Montanari – Click on the names of her collections to the right of the screen.  

Charles O’Rear 

Wineview.com:  Photography by Charles O’Rear – Here is a brief biography about Charles O’Rear.  Click on “View Portfolios” on right to see some of his photographs of the world.  Click on “Wine Photography” to see his many photos of vineyards and winemaking.  

Seattle Weekly: Meet Charles O'Rear, Photographer Behind Microsoft's Iconic Desktop Pic 





Image Bibliography for Pathfinder 

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