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NEWSFLASH!! You can check out fiction e-books to read on your home computer or device from Hoover Media Center! For Follett e-books, look up your book in Destiny.  If you see this symbol Follett eBook, there is a Follett ebook. You will have to log-in with your computer login/password to check out one e-book at a time. The checkout time is 3 weeks, and the book will automatically be returned on the due date. You can either read online, or download your e-book through Destiny. You can also get the free app Follett BryteWave K-12 Edition from your app store so you can read our e-books on your device. For information and to download the free Destiny Discover app click HERE

You can also find OverDrive ebooks and audiobooks in Sora.  Click on Sora or download the free Sora app for Android or iOS.  You will click on "Not Your School?  Switch Schools" and then on "My School Isn't Listed."  Be sure to choose Herbert Hoover Middle School in Rockville, and then "This Is My School. Sign in with your school login/password. 

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