The Extracurricular Activities (ECA) program is an integral part of the total education experience for middle school students. After school clubs, activities, athletics, and academic support provide students with opportunities to explore new areas of interest, cultivate and enhance existing skills, and grow both socially and academically in a safe and supportive environment.

This year at HHMS, we will be providing a variety of after school experiences for our students. Please check back to the HHMS website as we will add new clubs and activities throughout the year. 

Extracurricular Activities Coordinator: Ms.Barbara Carlstrom

Athletic Coordinator: Ms. Laura Hamilton

Intramurals Coordinator: Mr, Ray Gemmill

HHMS After School Clubs and Activities

Information and Student Registration for Non-Athletic Extracurricular Activities

This year at HHMS, we will be providing a variety of after school experiences for our students.  At this time our HHMS program includes Art Club, Book Wars, Drama Club and Production, Girls on the Run, Global Citizenship, GSA, Environmental Club, HNN-Daily Announcements, Homework Club, Heritage Club, Jazz Band, Math Team, Minority Scholars, Ethnic Awareness, SGA, Student Ambassadors, and Yearbook Staff.  Check here for more information on the Extra-Curricular Activities program at HHMS including staff sponsors and contact information. Students who are interested in joining a club, but have not yet completed a registration form, need to email the staff sponsor.

Click here for the MCPS Student Engagement: Leadership, Service and Extracurricular Activities webpage

HHMS Athletics Program

We CAN, We Will, We R.A.I.S.E – Welcome to the Hoover Fall 2nd Semester Athletic Season! The fall season will begin on April 20 and end on May 6, 2021. The middle school interscholastic athletics program is available for all students in seventh and eighth grade, and consists of the following sport activities:

·         Coed Cross Country

·         Boys’ Softball  (virtual only)

·         Girls’ Softball   (virtual only)

The fall season includes two in-person student-athlete and coach engagement sessions, for a total of six engagement sessions over the course of three weeks. There are NO COMPETITIONS. The in-person engagement sessions are scheduled to occur on Tuesdays and Thursday’s. As noted above, softball is another virtual only season. Cross Country will be in-person and all participants must be responsible for transportation to and from practice. There will be NO activity buses. Students who are remaining virtual for school instruction are still allowed to participate in an in-person season as long as they have transportation to and from. 

Students must submit a Pre-participation Physical Examination, (only if participating in the in-person season) certifying that they are physically fit to participate in the HMS athletics program (please note, for middle school students, a physical is valid for two calendar years from the date of the physical). Registration for HMS athletics is done electronically at Hoover MS Fall Registration. We are excited for students to return to play! If you have any questions, please email The Hoover Athletic Coordinator, Ms. Laura Hamilton (Laura_M_Hamilton@mcpsmd.org). 

HHMS Intramurals Program

There will be a Spring Intramural interest meeting on Thursday, April 15, after school at 3pm.  The meeting will be virtual only.  In order to participate in Spring Intramural's, you must fill out the google permission form. The first TWO Intramural activities of the Spring will be a Walking Club and Tennis.  If you are interested in participating in those activities or future Spring activities, you MUST fill out the google permission form AND attend the virtual meeting on April 15 at 3pm.  Once you fill out the Google permission form, you will receive a email with the zoom information for the meeting.  If you have any questions, please email Mr. Gemmill at Raymond_E_Gemmill@mcpsmd.org. Go Chargers!!

Click here to fill out the 2020-21 Intramural Permission Form.