Feasibility Study

Feasibility Plans

According to Montgomery County Public Schools’ Capital Improvements Program/Master Plan, all schools are evaluated based on existing and planned pro­gram capacity. School system enrollment grew substantially this year, especially at the elementary school level. Over the next six years, enrollment is projected to increase by about 6,000 students. Although temporary overutilization of facilities can be accommodated with relocatable classrooms, long-term overutilization will require additions and new or reopened facilities for both elementary and secondary schools.

Capital Project

Projections indicate enrollment at High­land View Elementary School will exceed capacity by four classrooms or more by the end of the six-year period. An FY 2010 appropriation was approved for facility planning to determine the feasibility, scope, and cost for a classroom ad­dition. A date for the addition will be considered in a future CIP. Relocatable classrooms will be utilized until additional capacity can be added.

A team consisting of staff, parents, community members, members of MCPS Division of Construction and members of the MCPS Department of Facilities Management attended several meetings this spring with architects from Proffitt and Associates to discuss the scope and impact of the project, as well as options for the addition.

Minutes from our Meetings