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Health Room & School Based Health Center


Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit

Hours: 8:45 a.m. -4:00 p.m.


 Ms. Fox, School Nurse (RN, BSN, SCHN)   

240-740-0780 EXT 1034

, Nurse Practitioner (SCHRT, CNA, CMT)

240-740-0780 EXT 1033



Health Room Services


  • Triage students
  • Treat for minor injuries and illnesses
  • Administer medication brought in by parents
  • Provide Assistance to students and families seeking health care insurance and other community resources
  • Coordinate care with outside providers for students with health concerns
  • Coordinate care with Health Center Clinic, Linkages to Learning, and the Mental Health Therapist


School Based Health and Wellness Center



Nurse Practitioner            Pediatrician

Ms. Reed, Nurse Practitioner                   Mr. Someshwar, Pediatrician


School Based Health & Wellness Center Services


  • Provide health care to students in the school setting 
  • Reduce time out of class for doctor appointments
  • Keep immunizations up to date
  • Preventative health care for students that do not have a Primary Care Physician
  • Care for Kids Clinic site
  • Draw specimens for laboratory testing as well as do some onsite test (strep, hemoglobin, U/A)





When to Send Students to the Health Room


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