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New Catalog System 

Visit Greencastle's online catalog to browse our wonderful collection, find great online resources, or check on a student account! 

Library Books

If you move away from Greencastle, please return your library books! We lose many books from students moving away and taking the books with them. All of the books in the library cost a lot of money to replace. Please check before you leave the school if you owe any library books. Thank you!

Common Sense Media

This year we have partnered with Common Sense Media a national, non-profit organization that provides free resources to educators and advice to parents so that kids can harness the power of technology for learning and life. Click the Common Sense link to learn more about MCPS's commitment to digital citizenship, and how you can support your child at home.

Mission and Vision


We will provide opportunities for students and staff to become effective users of ideas and information, to gain an appreciation of literature, and to promote the library as a valuable source for research and reading.


Our media center will serve the students, the staff, and the families of Greencastle Elementary School.

Access to resources and materials will be freely and equitably provided to all students and staff. Materials and information will be representative of diverse perspectives on historical and current issues, as well as different cultures. The collection will meet the needs of all students and will supplement the curriculum and classroom activities. Students' interests will be taken into consideration when ordering materials and when assisting students.

We will prepare students to be "information literate" by guiding them with research and use of information. Our media center will be a warm and welcoming environment, where students and staff will enjoy reading, researching, and learning. We will collaborate with staff, students, and families to achieve our goal of creating lifelong learners and readers, who independently seek out further learning and read for pleasure.

Policies and Procedures

Checkout Policies

  • Students in grades 2-5: two books
  • PreK, Kindergarten, & Grade 1 students: one book

Books need to be returned before students may check out another book.

Book Selection Criteria

Books will be selected by consulting several sources for recommended books. Books will be on the approved book list for Montgomery County schools, having been reviewed by media specialists and other professional sources.

Books selected for the School Library Media Center will have received at least two positive reviews.

Intellectual Freedom and Access

All students have the right to use the media center. All students may check out books as they wish, and choose their own materials. Materials are not restricted by age or grade level, although teachers and media staff may make suggestions. Parent or teacher approval of materials is not required for students when selecting books. Library materials will not be censored. Students will have a right to privacy of the materials they check out. The collection will contain material that represents diversity, students' interests, and intellectual growth.


  • Ms. Melinda Klein, Media Specialist - Ms. Klein has been a teacher with MCPS for 12 years.  She is looking forward to working with the students and teachers at Greencastle this year.  
  • Ms. Bryanna Williams, Media Assistant - We are excited to welcome Bryanna to the Greencastle Meadia Center!