Greencastle Has Counselors Who Care!!!!


Mrs. Claris Brock and Mrs. Lauren Kline

Our Counselors are…..

  • People who help all students do their best.
  • Listeners
  • Resources for teachers, parents and children.
  • Group leaders for students and parents.
  • Consultants with parents and teachers.
  • Members of the Student Achievement Support Team (SAST), Educational Management Team (EMT) and Individual Educational Plan (IEP) Team.

Our Counselors Talk to Teachers and Parents About….

  • How their children get along with their classmates.
  • How their children are doing with their schoolwork.
  • How very special each child is.

Did You Know That our Counselors…..

  • * Talk to and listen to all students.
  • * Help students understand and share their feelings.
  • * Help students get along with others.
  • * Help student to think about their future.
  • * Work with students in their classroom.
  • * Help groups to listen, learn and grow together.
  • * Help with referrals inside and outside of the school.

It’s Easy To See and Talk with Mrs. Brock or Mrs. Kline

  • I can ask to visit the counselor by leaving a note under her door.
  • I can go to her office with my teacher’s permission.
  • My teacher can recommend me.
  • My parents can request her services.
  • My Principal or Assistant Principal can suggest that I see her.
  • She may send me a note to invite me.


The Elementary School Counselor extends help to all children. The counseling program supports and compliments the efforts of the classroom teacher to facilitate your child’s learning.