CouselingCounselor's Corner

About the Counselor

Hi! My name is Amy Recks and I’m the counselor at Goshen Elementary School. Before becoming a counselor, I worked as a 3rd and 5th grade teacher. My teaching experience helped me to understand the academic, social, and personal needs of students.; I have an Elementary Education degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I received my master’s degree in School Counseling from Johns Hopkins University.

Counseling Program at Goshen

I am fortunate to be the counselor at Goshen – it means I get to work with all of the students, as well as the staff.  I do this is many different ways: 

Classroom Guidance – Approximately once every 6 weeks, I present lessons to students in their classes. Lesson topics fall under the categories of Personal, Interpersonal, Academic, Healthy, and Career Development. Specific topics include study skills, friendship, dealing with teasing, conflict resolution, self-esteem, and decision-making.

Group Counseling – Group counseling is available to small groups of students who need more support in working through a particular concern. Parents and teachers usually refer students to participate in group sessions. Possible topics include social skills, dealing with grief, dealing with divorce/separation, study skills, and self-esteem.

Individual Counseling – Parents and teachers can contact me to share concerns about students.  Students can also refer themselves if they have a concern they would like to talk about.  Most often, I talk with students on an “as needed” basis.  However, at times, I may need to work with a student more often. I will get in touch with parents to receive permission to work with students for a longer period of time.

Please feel free to contact me either by phone or email if you have concerns about your child including: family changes (moving, death, divorce), stressors (at home and/or at school), self-esteem, friendship/social skills, and classroom behavior.

Phone Number: 301-840-8165

In addition to fulfilling these roles, I am also a member of several committees at Goshen ES. I work with the Behavior Management Committee, the CAP (Collaborative Action Process) Team, the IEP Team, and more.

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