About Our School  Student Recognition

Student Recognition

Criteria for Determining Monthly Character Stars:

September: Responsibility
·         Use Self-control
·         Stay on Task
·         Think First, then act
·         Do Your Job as a Student
October: Caring
·         Use Kind words $& Actions
·         Help Out
·         Forgive
·         Compliment
November: Respect
·         Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated
·         Problem Solve Peacefully
·         Use Appropriate Language
·         Actively Listen
December: Organization
·         Be Prepared
·         Complete Homework & Classwork
·         Keep your Desk Neat
·         Put things where they belong
January: Perseverance
·         Don’t Give Up!
·         Use your Resources
·         Keep Working Until the Job is Done
·         Show Commitment
February: Fairness
·         Share
·         Take Turns
·         Play buy the Rules
·         Listen to Other People’s Opinions
·         Treat People Equally
March: Leadership
·         Share Your Ideas with the Group
·         Stand Up for Yourself & Others
·         Volunteer
April: Honesty
·         Tell the Truth
·         Keep Promises
·         Be Reliable
May & June: Citizenship
·         Cooperate
·         Be A Good Classmate
·         Take Care of Class Materials
·         Protect the Environment

Criteria for Determining Patriot of the Month

Student :

  1. Follows the school rules and behavioral expectations; and
  2. Shows effort and persistence
  3. Is respectful and kind to others
  4. (Teachers will get anonymous student input but the teacher makes the final decision.)