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History of Germantown Elementary School

Original Germantown School

The first school in Germantown was built in 1860. It was made of logs and the outside was covered with boards. It was located on Germantown Road (Rt. 118) just north of Blackrock Road and also served the children from Darnestown. The school had just one large room with a wood stove in the center to keep the students warm in the winter, double desks, and a chalkboard on the back wall. It served from 20 to 40 children from the first to the 8th grade. Two of the first teachers were Charles Waters and C. R. Viers.

In 1910, a new school was built on our present site, sitting on top of the hill where our playground equipment is today.  The school was two stories high and had two classrooms.  Over the years, indoor plumbing and steam heat were installed.  Most students walked to school, but some rode on horse-drawn farm wagons.  Others rode their own horses, which stayed in a stable next to the school while class was in session.

(Original matted and framed photo with text and credits hangs on the wall in the school's main office.)