Student Organizations and Clubs

Student Organizations 

Safety Patrols -  Patrols learn about safety, responsibilities, and discuss the various duties of the walker and buser patrols. There are 45 students in patrols. Mr. Drill and Mrs. Russ enjoy working with boys and girls, helping them learn how to be safety patrols, and how to help other boys and girls to be safe.

Student Council - The Garrett Park Student Council meets once a month to discuss the fund raisers and activities for the year.  With the help of the Student Council, students have enjoyed many things in the past years: the MS Readathon, Canned Food Drive, Book Swap, and the Mathathon. Thanks to our Student Council officers and representatives, we can have fun participating in extra activities. We have successfully received a second soccer goal from the hard efforts of one of our chairpersons. One Student Council president started the anti-green bean campaign to remove green beans from our cafeteria menu. We hope our student council continues their wonderful service for many years to come.



Student Clubs - Families will receive notices about clubs when offered

Clubs we have offered in the past: 

Art - The art club will explore various art mediums such as sewing, painting, plaster, collage, and ceramics to create your own masterpieces. Different techniques from famous artists will also be explored.

Cheerleading - Have you ever thought about being a cheerleader? Then this is the club for you. We will learn arm motions, jumps, chants, cheers and pyramids.

Cooking - Come cook up some delicious recipes like edible haystacks, home made marshmallows, and vegetable soup.

Destination Imagination - A creative problem-solving program with team challenges.

Environmental - Learn about, enjoy, and restore our environment. Activities include the following: grow SAV in school, monitor its development, and plant it in the Chesapeake Bay; build bird houses and feeders; improve the schoolyard by picking up trash; mulching, planting, etc.; explore local woods and streams on weekend hikes; and investigate the Chesapeake Bay with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Knitting - Learn the basics of knitting. Students will be taught to cast-on, knit and purl and can choose a project to work on that they can keep.

Math Games - Have fun with a variety of math games such as Math Mat Challenge, Dominoes, and Pizza Party to reinforce math concepts and skills and to motivate students in their learning of math.

Musical Theater - Students practice and perform a musical theater production. Although students will audition for singing roles, all students will participate in the production. Students must be in the school chorus to apply.

Outdoor Sports - Have fun learning the basics of outdoor team sports.

 Raccoon Readers - (grades 4 and 5) Like reading books? Ever read a great book you'd love to share with your friends? We'll choose books to read, share opinions, decide if we like the characters, and make predictions of possible endings. There are no answers, only lots of ideas and fun.

Science - This club provides an opportunity to experiment with sand, chemicals, light, electricity, color, and much more.

Studio Art - This club will give students the opportunity to explore art projects involving drawing, painting, collage, sewing, plaster or ceramics.

Video - Students will have the opportunity to help develop their own video using still digital photography, digital videography, music, and digital editing equipment. Projects include the 5th grade graduation video and films for competition.

Yoga - Students will work on a series of stretches and extension exercises to tone the body. The yoga postures will be combined with breathing to produce an experience of joy and calm.