Be On the Morning Announcements!

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Want to be featured on an episode of Garrett Park's Raccoon Round Up?! We want to see how you show PALS during distance learning and at home! Here are some video ideas:

Practice Respect: helping set the table, how to show respect in a Zoom class, active listening, etc.

Act Safely: wearing a mask, washing hands, asking for permission, etc.

Learning Actively: make a "how to" video, teach about a topic of interest, fun or random facts, share a tip for online learning, etc.

Support Each Other: silly jokes or tongue twisters to make people laugh, random acts of kindness, etc.

 Film your video clip and double check if your video is...

* filmed horizontally if taken on a phone

* 1-1:30 minutes long (or less)

* clear and easy to hear


Fill out this form: and send your videos clips to Mrs. Hickey at (We may not be able to show all the videos we receive, but we will do our best! )