Third Grade

Third grade teachers 

The third grade teachers for 2022 - 2023 are: Ms. Mongia, Miss Frank, Mr. White, Miss Morici, Ms. Fanning, and Mrs. Horan.

Third Grade FunThe team has been currently implementing MCPS’ Curriculum 2.0, built around developing students’ critical and creative thinking skills, as well as their academic success skills in order to build confidence.

In reading, students will read both literary and informational texts, focusing on topics such as theme and main idea.

In math, the students will study fewer concepts to have a more in depth understanding of these topics, focusing heavily on multiplication, division, and fractions.

Finally, in science, students will explore topics such as force and motion, properties of matter, and heat energy, and in all subject areas, students will have the opportunity to inquire, discover, reflect, and most importantly, learn how to be better thinkers.

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 3rd Grade
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Mission Statement

We the third grade team at GPES believe that a positive environment can support our diverse learners.

Our mission is to collaborate by sharing ideas, knowledge, skills, and expertise in a positive and caring atmosphere to inspire the third grade students.

As a team, we will stay connected by being honest, respectful, and encouraging to each other.